Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The title of the magazine is big and bold which catches the reader's eye. The dot above the 'i' is unique and makes this magazine differ from the others. There are only four colours used; yellow, white, red and green. This makes the cover seem sophisticated and it looks neat. As the background is also green, this adds to the effect. As red and green are seen as such masculine colours, this makes this magazine cover different from other music mags that generally steer towards women. It is unusual for an editor to put a woman on the cover of a mag whilst using such manly colours. The woman on the front cover is posing in a sexual way which will draw men in with her attractiveness. She is pouting her lips whilst biting her sunglasses which seems quite seductive. She is barely wearing any clothes either which will attract men. Having the names of people who are inside the magazine tells you the other features in the mag so that the reader wants to look inside. The price is small and this is tactical as it is expensive so they do not want to make it a huge deal. This also shows that the magazine is popular as they can afford to keep their price quite high and people will still buy it. The barcode is placed at the bottom so that it isn't spoiling the theme of the mag, but is still noticeable enough for the shop-keeper to see. There are only 3 fonts used on the front cover so it does not look too busy, but at the same time does not look boring - its eye catching. The colour of the model's top co-ordinates with the colour scheme used on the cover. Stories that relate to people's lives attract readers as they want to know more. The main attraction of the mag is printed in large, bold, bright font to make it stand out from the sub-stories. The statement 'THE WORLD'S BIGGEST DANCE MUSIC AND CLUBBING MAGAZINE' promotes the popularity of the magazine reassuring the reader that they are a good read.

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