Thursday, 26 February 2009

The final result.

In the refining process I made the red and black shapes smaller so that there was more space for the picture. The word 'like' of the tag line was being lost behind a house in the main picture so I made the font narrower. I blurred out the houses in the background so that the model is the main attention. I smoothed out the cutting so that it was more precise. I made the sub-story box funkier by making it slanty to add to the 'bounce' of the magazine. I put the shadow on the box to make it look more effective. I deleted a picture of a girl in the sub-story box as the picture was not vertically tall enough and looked disorted.

For the final finished contents page I changed the feature stories so that they were more music-related. I narrowed the text 'COMPETITIONS & OFFERS' so that it didn't touch the main picture. I also narrowed the text 'FREE SAMPLE CD FROM TOOTSWEETS NEW SINGLE' so that the word 'single' wasn't touching the edge of the photo of the six girls. I also blurred our the edges of the main picture to add to the effect of the magazine.

For my finished interview I put a small paragraph in the top right hand corner describing 'MC Bean' so that the readers had a little bit more of an insight into the interview. I made the 'MC Bean' title big and bold so that the reader knows exactly who the interview is about, and I also included an image. I included a quote from the interview so that the reader wants to read more. I asked questions that the public wanted to know because public demand is extremely important in the media business.
For the final draft of my second page of the interview I kept the title 'MC Bean' big and bold so that the theme was carried throughout the magazine. I used four small pictures of 'MC Bean' which show four different sides of his personality so that the reader feels like they are on a personal level with the star, as one of the public demand answers was that they like to get up, close and personal with a star they like. At the end of the interview I included a 'thanks' from the interviewer to show appreciation to the star and also informed the reader what date MC Bean's album was coming out and the name of it.

Interview inspiration

I used this interview with a popular solo artist, Rihanna as an example for the format and style of the questions, as my star 'MC Bean' is as popular as her according to my magazine.

Interview by Vicki Grimshaw

YOU have an amazing figure. How do you stay in shape?
A lot of hard work and a lot of running on the treadmill. Cardio is the key. I have a personal trainer who travels with me if we have a big event coming up. I work out every day but I need a trainer to motivate me – I don’t find it much fun working out on my own.

What do you like about your body?
My bum, and I keep working at it as I want it to be perfect. It makes my clothes look good – and guys like it!

And what do you like least?
My legs. I’m insecure about them. Everyone wants to have slim, perfectly-toned legs and I’m the same. I do weights but I don’t want my legs to bulk up so I do a lot of cardio. I’ve lost a lot of weight since I started working out and if I exercise every day for a week, I can drop several pounds. If I diet, I see even faster results.

Do you have a strict diet?
Carbs are the enemy but if I go three days without them, I start getting weak. If my trainer had her way, I’d eat small meals every three hours, but I sometimes only eat once or twice a day. I have egg whites and pineapple for breakfast with hot water and lemon. For lunch I have fish and potatoes. I hate vegetables but I make myself eat them. For dinner I have fish again.

Does size matter?
Not at all. My size varies – sometimes I’m a (US) 2, sometimes 4 (UK 6 or – but what matters is being fit and healthy. Being slim makes me feel better about myself. It boosts my self-esteem, and having a toned body helps with my job because I wear a lot of skimpy costumes. My weight fluctuates, but I don’t weigh myself every day. I’m 5ft 8in and weigh around 9st 7lb.

Would you have cosmetic surgery?
I don’t think so, but I can’t say for sure that I wouldn’t in the future. If my breasts started to drop, I might not like that. But for the next 20-25 years, I’m going to stay as natural as possible.

What’s the downside to fame?
I hardly get home to Barbados because I have a demanding schedule, and I do miss it. The bad thing is that I’m away from my culture, friends and family, and good home cooking. It’s tough being on your own in a hotel room on the other side of the world. But for every sad situation there’s a good one – I get to do amazing things and go to places I once could only dream of.

Tell us about the gossip that you and Jay-Z are more than just friends…
Rumours come with the territory and you can’t help these things.

Or that you are dating singer Chris Brown?
I’m single. If a good guy comes along we’ll make it work, but for now I’m having fun being a single woman.

Who’s your ideal man?
One who makes me happy, makes me laugh, and keeps me in good spirits.

Rihanna is headlining at The O2 Arena, London, on March 7. Her third album, Good Girl Gone Bad, is out now