Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The title of the magazine is big and bold which catches the reader's eye. The dot above the 'i' is unique and makes this magazine differ from the others. There are only four colours used; yellow, white, red and green. This makes the cover seem sophisticated and it looks neat. As the background is also green, this adds to the effect. As red and green are seen as such masculine colours, this makes this magazine cover different from other music mags that generally steer towards women. It is unusual for an editor to put a woman on the cover of a mag whilst using such manly colours. The woman on the front cover is posing in a sexual way which will draw men in with her attractiveness. She is pouting her lips whilst biting her sunglasses which seems quite seductive. She is barely wearing any clothes either which will attract men. Having the names of people who are inside the magazine tells you the other features in the mag so that the reader wants to look inside. The price is small and this is tactical as it is expensive so they do not want to make it a huge deal. This also shows that the magazine is popular as they can afford to keep their price quite high and people will still buy it. The barcode is placed at the bottom so that it isn't spoiling the theme of the mag, but is still noticeable enough for the shop-keeper to see. There are only 3 fonts used on the front cover so it does not look too busy, but at the same time does not look boring - its eye catching. The colour of the model's top co-ordinates with the colour scheme used on the cover. Stories that relate to people's lives attract readers as they want to know more. The main attraction of the mag is printed in large, bold, bright font to make it stand out from the sub-stories. The statement 'THE WORLD'S BIGGEST DANCE MUSIC AND CLUBBING MAGAZINE' promotes the popularity of the magazine reassuring the reader that they are a good read.

'Free' is in capitals and larger font than all the surrounding words to grab the readers attention and advertise the free merchandise inside. The price of the magazine is provided so that the reader knows how much they must pay to buy it.

This cover is unique as it is not welcoming like other magazines, it uses dark colours and does not provide much information on the main story and does not mention any sub stories. This shows it is popular and does not need to grab a readers attention as they already have committed readers. The date is provided so that the reader knows when the magazine was released.

Using quotes of the celebrity interviews inside gives the reader a taste of what the interview is about, it grabs their attention. The barcode is small and not very noticeable so it does not spoil the theme of the magazine.

There are 3 different fonts used on this cover, yet it does not look cluttered. The name of the person that the main article is about is big, bold and eye-catching.

I like the fact that the band's heads are covering the title of the magazine as it shows it is well-known and popular. The magazine is extremely cluttered by the fact that they are promoting on the cover what there is to offer inside.
I really like the colour scheme of this magazine, it's plain and simple; yet effective. I love the slit through the title as it gives the cover edge and makes it different to other music magazines.

Cover photos.

The title I have chosen for my magazine is 'Bounce'. I chose this title as I think it represents the rhythm of music and the kind of music this magazine is all about, as it is 'bouncy', like dance and hip hop music.I am going to use my friend, Adam Davidson as my cover photo as 'Mc Bean' the number one DJ/MC.

I did not use this photo as my model is in the middle of laughing as he was not ready for the photgraph. I like the happy vibe he is expressing but I was hoping for a more edgy expression.

I did not use this photo as his expression is confusing and I do not think it sends the right message to the reader. He also has some marks on his face which would be difficult to remove.

This is the photo I decided to use for my front cover as I like the terraced houses in the background, it emphasises the urban effect I am trying to reflect with the type of music my magazine promotes. I also like his pout and stance as they are edgy.
I did not use this picture because there is no expression on my model's face. I wanted him to have a bold personality and this picture does not show this at all.

I did not use this photo because it is a blurred image, it is too dark and this is not a medum close-up and that is what is required for my cover.

I did not use this photo as the hand gesture that my model is using could be taken in different ways; some being offensive, and this could make my magazine unpopular.


I printed off around 20 questionnaires about magazines so that I could find out what my target audience would enjoy to see and read in a magazine. I thought this would be a great idea as it would make my magazine more popular, and it would suit my target audience's desires. Here is a sample of some of the questions from my questionnaire:

1. Male or Female?
Male [ ]
Female [ ]

2. Age group?
15-16 [ ]
17-18 [ ]
18-20 [ ]
20-23 [ ]

3. What type of magazine do you usually buy?
R’n’B [ ]
Pop [ ]
Rock [ ]
House [ ]
Trance [ ]
Classic [ ]
Punk [ ]
Metal [ ]
Dance [ ]

4. How much would you be willing to pay for a magazine?
50p - £1 [ ]
£1.50 - £2 [ ]
£2.50 - £3 [ ]
£3.50 - £4 [ ]

5. What features do you enjoy reading or seeing?
Interviews [ ]
Gossip pages [ ]
Problem Pages [ ]
Posters [ ]
Horoscopes [ ]
Paparazzi photos [ ]

6. Would you be more willing to buy the magazine if there was a ___ on the cover?
Woman [ ]
Man [ ]
Both [ ]
Don’t mind [ ]
Group of different genders [ ]
Group of women [ ]
Group of boys [ ]

7. What fonts do you prefer?
Trebuchet MS [ ]
Century Gothic [ ]
Comic Sans MS [ ]
Perpetua [ ]
Impact [ ]
Jokewood [ ]
Gigi [ ]
Lucida Sans [ ]
Poornut [ ]
Pussycat [ ]

8. What title do you prefer?
BOOM [ ]

9. What colour scheme do you think works best?
Black and white [ ]
Purple and pink [ ]
Pink and white [ ]
Blue and white [ ]
Blue and pink [ ]
Yellow and green [ ]
Yellow and black [ ]
Blue and black [ ]
Purple and blue [ ]

10. How often do you think the magazine should come out?
Every day [ ]
Every other day [ ]
Every week [ ]
Every 2 weeks [ ]
Every month [ ]
Every few months [ ]
Every year [ ]

The general opinion of my friends whom were between 16 and 18 enjoyed R'n'B and House music, so I chose this as the theme of my mag, which led me to naming it 'Bounce' as this type of music is quite bouncy. Also, Bounce is the name of a very popular R'n'B song, the pose of my model matched this genre aswell. I found out that my target audience were willing to pay between £1.50 and £2.00 for the magazine, and they would like to see interviews, horoscopes and paparazzi photographs published in the magazine. My audience did not mind what gender model was on the front cover, nor did they mind how many people were on the cover. The general opinion was that they liked the font 'perpetua' so I therefore used this as my title font, although pussycat was also fairly popular so I used this for sub titles. The majority of people thought the title 'Bounce' would be most appropriate, so I was happy as this was my opinion aswell. There were various colours which were chosen, so I have mostly used primary colours on my cover, so it does not look too busy or bright, yet still sophisticated. The general answer for the final question was that it should be brought out every week.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Marjorie Ferguson (1980) identified four types of facial expression in the cover photos of British women's magazines - Chocolate Box, Invitational, Super0smiler and Romantic or sexual. The one I chose was invitational: emphasis on the eyes (or the glasses in my case), mouth shut or with only a hint of a smile, head to one side or looking back to the camera. Projected mood: suggestive of mischief or mystery, the hint of contact potential rather than sexual promise, the cover equivalent of advertising's soft sell.

I chose this pose because I think it is inviting and puts a light mood on my magazine. My model is only smiling a little which suggests cheekyness, yet is still a cool pose. His hand gesture suggests he is a "gangsta" which relates to the type of music my magazine is about; urban and house.