Thursday, 15 January 2009

Blender mag.

There is a photo covering the first 'B' of the title showing that the magazine is popular as people already know the title without having to display every single letter. They are promoting that this is their 5th anniversary issue in big letters as if they are promoting their popularity. There is only one font used on the whole cover which makes it look sophisticated and less cluttered. The expression on the band's faces are all different and have a lot of personality which puts a happy vibe on the magazine. A picture of a naked, attractive and extremely famous woman (Mariah Carey) on the front cover will attract men to the magazine. Putting popular singers on the cover will attract readers as they want to read personal stories about them. There is no particular colour scheme to this cover but there are multi-colour balloons and the band are wearing different colour shirts making the cover look vibrant and attractive. The barcode is at the bottom so that it is not so noticeable that it spoils the theme, but noticeable enough for the reader to see the price, etc. The date is provided so that the reader knows exactly when the magazine was issued. They have a quote from the band who the interview is with, giving the reader an insight to what is inside. The main story in the magazine is printed larger than all the substories to make it stand out. There is a photo of a girl at the top, almost naked which will attract men. The title has it's own unique style with the slit through 'Blender'.

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