Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Cover photos.

The title I have chosen for my magazine is 'Bounce'. I chose this title as I think it represents the rhythm of music and the kind of music this magazine is all about, as it is 'bouncy', like dance and hip hop music.I am going to use my friend, Adam Davidson as my cover photo as 'Mc Bean' the number one DJ/MC.

I did not use this photo as my model is in the middle of laughing as he was not ready for the photgraph. I like the happy vibe he is expressing but I was hoping for a more edgy expression.

I did not use this photo as his expression is confusing and I do not think it sends the right message to the reader. He also has some marks on his face which would be difficult to remove.

This is the photo I decided to use for my front cover as I like the terraced houses in the background, it emphasises the urban effect I am trying to reflect with the type of music my magazine promotes. I also like his pout and stance as they are edgy.
I did not use this picture because there is no expression on my model's face. I wanted him to have a bold personality and this picture does not show this at all.

I did not use this photo because it is a blurred image, it is too dark and this is not a medum close-up and that is what is required for my cover.

I did not use this photo as the hand gesture that my model is using could be taken in different ways; some being offensive, and this could make my magazine unpopular.

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