Tuesday, 9 December 2008

'Free' is in capitals and larger font than all the surrounding words to grab the readers attention and advertise the free merchandise inside. The price of the magazine is provided so that the reader knows how much they must pay to buy it.

This cover is unique as it is not welcoming like other magazines, it uses dark colours and does not provide much information on the main story and does not mention any sub stories. This shows it is popular and does not need to grab a readers attention as they already have committed readers. The date is provided so that the reader knows when the magazine was released.

Using quotes of the celebrity interviews inside gives the reader a taste of what the interview is about, it grabs their attention. The barcode is small and not very noticeable so it does not spoil the theme of the magazine.

There are 3 different fonts used on this cover, yet it does not look cluttered. The name of the person that the main article is about is big, bold and eye-catching.

I like the fact that the band's heads are covering the title of the magazine as it shows it is well-known and popular. The magazine is extremely cluttered by the fact that they are promoting on the cover what there is to offer inside.
I really like the colour scheme of this magazine, it's plain and simple; yet effective. I love the slit through the title as it gives the cover edge and makes it different to other music magazines.

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