Thursday, 22 October 2009

Review of ‘YourFilm’ lecture

I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture my class recieved from 'YourFilm' production company. I think what made it different was that they were local boys, starting in the same place as we are now. I think this gave the class motivation and determination, because it shows how far you can get, just starting with a school camera and tripod. I loved watching their projects from when they were in secondary school, and then comparing them with what they are able to produce now - the difference was so significant! It was nice to speak to people who had so much experience, and who had passion for the subject.

Analysis of ‘Get Carter’ project

I think that the 'Get Carter' experience has increased my skills with the camera, as we had to frame various shots to create different moods. I learnt how different angles can create significane and bravery, or vulnerability of a person. From this project, I learnt how to pan and zoom using the new cameras and tripod.

Meetings and reviews

My group and I have planned to base the story of the music video based on the lyrics. Lyrics such as 'No matter what I say or do, I still feel you here 'till the moment I'm gone' have got to do with the young girl dying, as she will always be with her best friend no matter what. We will do shots of the girls' memories in all different locations, and flashbacks to when they were younger.
We did not want our video to be slow moving, as that would mean it would have no energy, so we have decided to do a 10-freeze-frame shot when the song reaches its climax, to create tension and lift the moment.

Mind mapping of ideas for new project.

Our new project is a music video, very much based on the lyrics of the song 'Gravity'.
Our plan is to create a story on two best friends, and one turns out to have leukemia. As the song reaches its climax, so will the story.
I will be working with Jennifer Foster, Amy McGeorge and Zoe Noble.
Our roles will be as follows;
Chelsea Halfpenny (me) - Actor, Editing
Jennifer Foster - Actor, Editing
Amy McGeorge - Location finding, Shooting
Zoe Noble - Location finding, Shooting

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Year 12 Summary

For my media project in year 12, I was asked to complete a front cover, contents page, and a 2-page article of a music magazine. I gained skills on Adobe Photoshop, although I had not used it previously. I worked with Fiona Burns on our magazine called 'Bounce' which was a house/R'n'B/urban magazine, and gained experience with using a professional camera. I learnt how different camera angles can create different effects, and how sight-specific shots can be more effective on an audience, for example, the background of my front cover was an urban street to give off this 'gangster' vibe. I experimented with various colours to emphasise the message I was trying to get across. I will pass my skills from last year to this year to produce my music video, which is going to be on the song 'Gravity' by Sara Bareilles, where I will be working with Jennifer Foster, Amy McGeorge and Zoe Noble.