Thursday, 22 January 2009

Practice mags.

This is my first magazine to let us practice using photoshop. I hadn't done media before, but it didn't take me too long to get used to the program. When I look back at this cover though it looks very inexperienced. I like the 'Pussycat' font as it makes it have attitude, hence the title, and it is girly and my audience for the magazine was school girls. The pictures are slightly blurry and badly cut out so I used the blur tool to hide it. I only have two pictures on and only have one sub-story which wouldn't attract readers. I used different colours to make it look vibrant and promoted the school with the school badge.

I liked the layout of my contents page as I used a style model to get a general idea of what magazin contents page layouts are like. The picture are bright and attractive. I like the different fonts used as I think it makes it look sophisticated. I have advertised charities so that the pupils who read the magazine can take part in them. I put the date of which the magazine was issued. I put six sub-stories in so that people had an idea of some of the major stories inside.

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