Thursday, 26 February 2009

The final result.

In the refining process I made the red and black shapes smaller so that there was more space for the picture. The word 'like' of the tag line was being lost behind a house in the main picture so I made the font narrower. I blurred out the houses in the background so that the model is the main attention. I smoothed out the cutting so that it was more precise. I made the sub-story box funkier by making it slanty to add to the 'bounce' of the magazine. I put the shadow on the box to make it look more effective. I deleted a picture of a girl in the sub-story box as the picture was not vertically tall enough and looked disorted.

For the final finished contents page I changed the feature stories so that they were more music-related. I narrowed the text 'COMPETITIONS & OFFERS' so that it didn't touch the main picture. I also narrowed the text 'FREE SAMPLE CD FROM TOOTSWEETS NEW SINGLE' so that the word 'single' wasn't touching the edge of the photo of the six girls. I also blurred our the edges of the main picture to add to the effect of the magazine.

For my finished interview I put a small paragraph in the top right hand corner describing 'MC Bean' so that the readers had a little bit more of an insight into the interview. I made the 'MC Bean' title big and bold so that the reader knows exactly who the interview is about, and I also included an image. I included a quote from the interview so that the reader wants to read more. I asked questions that the public wanted to know because public demand is extremely important in the media business.
For the final draft of my second page of the interview I kept the title 'MC Bean' big and bold so that the theme was carried throughout the magazine. I used four small pictures of 'MC Bean' which show four different sides of his personality so that the reader feels like they are on a personal level with the star, as one of the public demand answers was that they like to get up, close and personal with a star they like. At the end of the interview I included a 'thanks' from the interviewer to show appreciation to the star and also informed the reader what date MC Bean's album was coming out and the name of it.

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